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With shipwrecks, the first thing that comes to mind is finding treasure. At the museum, you will discover multiple treasures that were lost at sea dating back from the 1600s all the way to war efforts of World War II. See a variety of coins, silver, and more from the shipwrecks of the SS Republic, SS Gairsoppa, and the Tortugas. Finding treasure on the ships gives an insight to what the ships were carrying when they sunk and a look at the currency from the past. 

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History is best explored through the objects that saw its events. At the Shipwrecked Treasure Museum, artifacts tell the stories of these ships. Uncover the mysteries of these events through unique objects from bottles to ancient astrolabes and more. All artifacts are 100% genuine. Each item was uprooted from three different shipwrecks, the USS Republic, the Tortugas, and the SS Gairsoppa. Some of the artifacts were also found from sites with no related shipwreck. With a visit to this museum, you can discover the stories of the past through these one-of-a-kind artifacts!

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Interactive Exhibits

Museums are a lot more fun when you can immerse yourself in the history. Shipwrecked Treasure Museum has multiple interactive exhibits that are designed to entertain visitors of all ages. Many of the exhibits are located inside of Pirates Lair, but there is truly something to interact with at every turn. 

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Blackbeard's Adventure™

Pirates Lair


  • Blackbeard's Adventure™ Pirates Lair Pirates are synonymous with shipwrecks. For centuries, pirates have sailed the seas robbing other…

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