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Forty Thieves Pirate ArtThe SeafloorTie Pirate KnotsMaritime Match

Forty Thieves Pirate Art

Forty Thieves by Don Maitz Maitz is most well-known for creating the Captain Morgan Pirate. This massive painting fits perfectly into the museum with its pirate theme. Not only is it a beautiful piece of art, but it is also a game. Can you find all forty thieves in the painting? Think carefully; not all…
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The Seafloor

Walk around on this interactive floor to try to escape the shark that will ‘attack’ you! When you step, the floor ripples as if you are walking on water. You’ll be amazed and the kids will love trying to avoid the sea life.
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Tie Pirate Knots

Have you ever wondered how pirates tied such good knots? Learn how to tie a clove hitch, bowline knots, a figure-of-eight, and a round turn. There are ropes located below the pictures that you can practice on! 
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Maritime Match

With this memory matching game, match various artifacts from throughout the museum with their pair.
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