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Pirate FlagsSea Savvy MatchingBuild a BuccaneerHoist the Booty

Pirate Flags

Learn about the flags that a few famous pirates used while at sea. People of all ages will love learning about legends like Blackbeard, Christopher Condent, Jack Rackham, Henry Every, Edward Low, Bartholomew Roberts (Black Bart), Edward England, and more. See if you can guess whose flag goes with who before viewing the information.
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Sea Savvy Matching

Are ye sea savvy? Learn the lingo with this fun game where you match the nautical and pirate words with their correct meanings. 
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Build a Buccaneer

Kids will have a blast with this! The camera takes a photo of your face, puts it onto a cartoon pirate’s body, and allows you to dress it up. Choose from various shirts, hats, shoes, and facial hair to make your pirate exactly how you’d want!
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Hoist the Booty

Located in Blackbeard’s Adventure Pirate Lair, this interactive exhibit lets you lift boxes of treasure with pulley systems just like the pirates used to get heavy items onto their ships. Learn how they put multiple pulleys to work to make the lifting much easier!
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