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Interactive Shipwreck MapS.S. Republic PhotomosaicRock or Wreck?Shipwreck Footage

Interactive Shipwreck Map

See where shipwrecks have been found around the world! Press buttons on the large display to highlight locations of wrecks discovered by Odyssey Marine Exploration, who supplied the artifacts found in the museum, other famous shipwrecks including the Titanic, and military shipwrecks. Learn when and where each shipwreck happened, what kind of items they were…
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S.S. Republic Photomosaic

This fascinating exhibit is something that you can easily spend a lot of time exploring. In photos arranged into a mosaic on large screens, you can see exactly what the S.S. Republic looked like when the wreck was discovered. Press buttons to zoom in and see the site close-up (up to 25x magnified) or click…
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Rock or Wreck?

Gather the whole family to participate in this fun game. Will you be able to guess which sonar scan of the ocean floor is a pile of rocks and which is a shipwreck with priceless treasure? After making your choice, you will see real video footage of the area the images were taken in and…
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Shipwreck Footage

There are several TVs throughout the museum that display hundreds of hours of real shipwreck footage. Watch videos taken by the camera on the remotely operated vehicle (ROV) known as Zeus and see exactly what the scientists saw while they were searching for treasure. You can also watch a Discovery Channel program about Odyssey Marine…
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