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One-of-a-Kind ItemsExclusive Preserved Food DisplayWeaponryTo-Scale Replica of USS Republic Ship

One-of-a-Kind Items

While everyday items are some of the most important portals into understanding the way people lived during a specific period, there are rare items that cannot be replicated or replaced. Some of these totally unique items reside at the Shipwrecked Treasure Museum. You will not find these genuine historic items anywhere else! Original Bell from…
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Exclusive Preserved Food Display

Have you ever wondered what happens to the food and other perishable goods that go down in a shipwreck? While most of those items succumb to the high pressure of extensive ocean depths, a number of pieces survived and were retrieved, in their original conditions, from the USS Republic. This is an extremely rare occurrence,…
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Weaponry was a huge aspect of the time period, where pirates roamed the high seas. Some of these items are recognizable in modern pop culture, while some of them are more obscure. This display features cannonballs and lead shots from the Tortugas as well as other weapons such as: Cutlass Boarding ax Ball and chain…
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To-Scale Replica of USS Republic Ship

Get an overview of what the actual USS Republic Ship looked like with this to-scale replica. The creation of the replica was a huge endeavor, requiring 200 labor hours to complete. It was built in a scale of ΒΌ inch to 1 foot.
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