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School Items

Although going to school is an experience that most modern museum visitors have in common with people from days gone by, a lot has changed when it comes to the equipment used for learning! Take a look back at what Civil War-era education looked like through a variety of artifacts discovered on the shipwreck site…
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Personal Items & Accessories

From common household items to more extravagant signs of wealth, artifacts recovered from shipwrecks give us an idea of what everyday life was like. Everyday items on display at the museum include: Elegantly carved cane handles A handmade tortoise shell comb Ceramic smoking pipe from the “Blue China” site Personal care items found on the…
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Religious Artifacts

As often happens in times of war, a religious resurgence occurred during the period in which the SS Republic was in operation. The ship went down with religious artifacts that provided insight into the beliefs and practices of the time period. For religious scholars, these rare items are invaluable.  Angel Figurines: These delicate statues were…
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Navigational Tools and Ship Elements

Navigation was the most important thing about captaining a ship, and the tools used to make these journeys were vital to the discovery of the world, its history, and every single ship voyage in history. Astrolabe from the Tortugas: Museum visitors will be able to view a genuine astrolabe, one of only 105 known to…
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