Branson Landing Across from Paula Deens

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School Items

Schooling is such a huge part of our history and its documentation throughout the centuries. After all, without it, we would not be able to explore history in the first place! Take a look back at the 19th century and its educational efforts through a variety of artifacts discovered on the shipwreck site of the…
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Personal Items & Accessories

One of the most interesting aspects of history is the method that people of that specific period used to live. From the tools they used on a daily basis to more extravagant signs of wealth, these items display what it was like during everyday life for both the passengers on these ships as well as…
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Religious Artifacts

  A religious resurgence occurred during the period in which the USS Republic was inĀ operation. Because of this, the ship went down with notable religious artifacts that provided insight into the beliefs of the time period. For religious scholars these rare items are invaluable. During the shipwreck of the USS Republic, several religious artifacts were…
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Navigation was the most important thing about captaining a ship, and the tools used to make these journeys were vital to the discovery of the world, its history, and every single ship voyage in history. Astrolabe from the Tortugas: At the museum, visitors will be able to view a genuine astrolabe, one of only three…
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