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One-of-a-Kind Items

One-of-a-Kind Items

While everyday items are some of the most important portals into understanding the way people lived during a specific period, there are rare items that cannot be replicated or replaced. Some of these totally unique items reside at the Shipwrecked Treasure Museum.

You will not find these genuine historic items anywhere else!

Original Bell from USS Republic: The USS Republic wasn’t always known as such. Its original namesake was the Tennessee, and although the name of a ship may change throughout its career, the original bell is never replaced. This piece is authenticated by its original ‘Tennessee’ inscription.

Porcelain Couple: These pieces are obviously a set, depicting a romantic and carefree couple. Based on the ever-popular rococo style of the 18th century, this type of porcelain figure would be displayed in aristocratic homes on mantles and tables. The actual Porcelain Couple pieces are displayed at the museum and were even featured on a Discovery Channel program about the USS Republic wreck site. National Geographic also covered the wreck in 2004.

Blue Willow Ware Platter: This piece is a beautiful testament to the Blue Willow Ware pattern, which was popularized in the 18th century, sparking what we know as the image of fine china today. In fact, many of today’s modern china sets utilize the Blue Willow pattern. This original china plate is gorgeous, especially in person!

Original Porthole from USS Republic


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