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Early CurrencySpanish RealesWWII SilverTrench Art Coins

Early Currency

Before the days where the government made the currency for each nation. Many different currencies have existed over time including gold, silver, trade items, weaponry, and more. The museum displays multiple early currencies that were used centuries ago from different shipwrecks. Arrowhead coins - Bronze arrowheads have been used as a currency since the 7th-century…
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Spanish Reales

The Tortugas was headed for Spain in 1622 with items from the New World when it was hit by a hurricane and capsized, losing many of its treasures to the sea. The Spanish Reales (also known as Pieces of Eight) was a currency in Spain for centuries and was to weigh approximately an ounce. The…
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WWII Silver

The SS Gairsoppa was carrying a cargo of more than 7,000 tons including silver ingots. The ship was hit by a storm and running low on coal and was diverted to Ireland. At this time, a German UBoat spotted the boat and torpedoed the ship which led to its sinking in 1941, along with the…
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Trench Art Coins

Trench Art is the term used when soldiers or civilians make decorative pieces to describe their feelings and emotions about the war period at that time. Many trench art pieces are hard to verify if authentic, but the ones displayed at the museum are known to be authentic as they were documented to have been…
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