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Civil War Era Bottles

Civil War Era Bottles

The Shipwrecked Treasure Museum is the proud owner of the largest collection of antique bottles retrieved from the remains of the SS Republic shipwreck of 1865.

SS Republic Bottle Wall Collection: The museum’s Bottle Wall is an expansive glass case filled with almost 100 bottles retrieved from the SS Republic. The display features an interactive screen where visitors can press photos on the touch screen to learn more information about each individual bottle. Because the ship was on its way to restock supplies in New Orleans after the Civil War, the bottles the SS Republic carried can give us a good idea of what kind of products were important to everyday life in that era.


Bottles for Purchase: Visitors who wish to take a piece of history home with them can purchase bottles just like the ones on display in the museum from the gift shop. Each bottle  spent over 100 years underwater and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Although the exact types of bottles available for purchase varies as pieces are sold, examples include ink bottles, beer bottles, and snuff bottles.

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