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Gift Shop

Gift Shop

Shipwrecked Treasure Museum at the Branson Landing offers visitors the opportunity to purchase souvenirs that range from one-of-a-kind artifacts recovered from shipwrecks to pirate eye patches and hats for kids.

Our gift shop is open during the same hours as the museum, and you are welcome to come in and browse without needing to purchase tickets.

Check out some of our offerings below!

Pirate Toys for kids at the Branson Landing

Pirate Toys For Kids

Kids of any age love the idea of searching for lost treasures, and our Branson Landing gift shop offers plenty of fun pirate swag and toys so that they can live out their adventures. From pirate hats and eye patches to foam swords to working telescopes, Shipwrecked Treasure Museum's gift shop is the perfect place to stock up on pirate themed toys!

Funny Pirate T-Shirts

Custom-designed for the museum, our clever pirate-themed t-shirts make great souvenirs.

Nautical Decor

Mermaid weather vanes, original artwork, and decorative sea life are all available in our museum gift shop to bring a bit of the nautical life into your home. Among our nautical decor items are some beautiful replicas of famous shipwreck artifacts, including the porcelain dancing couple recovered from the SS Republic and featured in National Geographic in 2004.

Nautical Jewelry and Pirate Jewelry

From beautiful sea glass bracelets and necklaces to leather bracelets adorned with shark teeth, we offer accessories to suit all styles. Kids love our sequined mermaid slap bracelets and wooden pirate necklaces, while the ocean-inspired necklaces featuring sea glass and delicate silver charms are the perfect addition to a sophisticated outfit.

Nautical and Pirate Novelties

Bring a bit of the seafaring life into your home with our nautical novelties. Pick up a whale tail-shaped wall hook, a skeletal bottle opener, or a working compass to help you navigate. You'll also find model ships, wooden treasure chests, and brass telescopes.

Books About Shipwrecks

Shipwreck enthusiasts and history buffs will love our collection of books for sale. Learn about the recovery of artifacts and rare coins from the SS Republic in "Lost Gold of the Republic", pick up a book about pirate coins or read about shipwrecks around the world.

Olive Jar Rim From Shipwreck For Sale
Snuff Bottle from the SS Republic

Buy Authentic Shipwreck Artifacts

By far the most interesting and unique items in our gift shop are the authentic artifacts recovered from shipwrecks. From the rims of olive jars that are over 400 years old to glass bottles recovered from the SS Republic, these shipwreck artifacts make incredible gifts for history buffs or a great conversation piece to display in your home. Each item comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Pirate Era Coins For Sale

Pirate Era Coins For Sale

The museum gift shop offers a selection of pirate-era coins for sale in a variety of quality grades and prices. Each coin is from between 1400-1600 AD, comes sealed in a protective display box, and is certified authentic by the International Numismatic Bureau.

rare shipwreck coins for sale in branson

Rare Shipwreck Coins For Sale

In addition to coins from the pirate era, our gift shop offers rare coins recovered from shipwrecks just like those featured in the museum. Purchase a coin from the China Song dynasty, which features a hole in the center that was used to make coins easy to carry, or choose our Odyssey Shipwreck Collection, which includes a rare coin recovered from each of the three prominent shipwrecks whose artifacts are found in the museum.

If you're curious about our shipwreck artifacts for purchase or have any questions about our gift shop, please contact us at

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